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We are a very easy going clan. We do have a couple of rules though. Respect each other, do not leave the clan and come back repetitivaley, and DO NOT involve this clan in any illegal activity. We will have no part in any illegal activity. Failure to follow these rules will lead to a perminent Ban or a temporary one, decided by the clan admins. Very little people get banned so do not worry! We are laid back and just want to have fun on these games. If someone disrespects you or you feel affended in some way. Email an admin or message them in-game and we will deal with the issue.


Register here and become a part of the dead army..

Website Admin: [-clamup1995-]*XO3* (saints1968)

Clan Admins: Died~2000~Deaths[+R]*CC*, Deth*CO2*, -Apocalypse-*CO3*, -xTc-.ExisTence*XO*, RedBandit*XO2*, [-clamup1995-]*XO3*, AutoTimer*KEF*

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