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New ideas for the Website?

Saints1968(clamup)  Nov. 3, 2013


Alright so I just opened the news feed and will be posting game information here such as: Updates on games, new members that join our clan (in the games) and post promotions for some games (i.e. deals on the game store). This is still a work in progress so don't be a nazi about it :P. If you have new ideas just email me at and please make a subject that I will not think is spam. Or it will be deleted and I'll have an angry mob after me :) make the subject catch my attention. Thank you!


-Your friendly neighbor clamup (saints1968).


Star Trek Online Season 8!

Saints1968(clamup)  Nov. 3, 2013


On November 12, 2013 Star trek online will be releasing Season 8, and for a limited time (until december 5th) they will have a special mission (Sphere of Influence) that gives a free Obelisk Carrier with Antiproton beams and a transphasic torpedo launcher as stock weapons. There is also certain missions that give gear for a limited time so jump in and get that gear! 

Darkspace 1.701 released!

Saints1968(clamup)  Nov. 6, 2013


Darspace Devs have released Darkspace 1.701! Check it out!

World of Tanks Update 8.9 Released!

Saints1968(clamup)  Nov. 8, 2013


The 8.9 update has been released! North American players are able to enjoy all of the latest vehicles and features rolled out in this brand-new iteration of World of Tanks. Many thanks to our testers who helped us hammer out the finer details earlier in the 8.9 Public Test!

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